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National Integrated Biological & Behavioral Surveillance - IBBS

National Integrated Biological & Behavioral Surveillance –( IBBS ) is being implemented as a strategic focus to strengthen surveillance among High Risk Groups (HRG) and Bridge population. The key field activities under IBBS include Pre-Surveillance Assessment (PSA), Sampling Frame Development (SFD), Commuunity Preparation and Data Collection. Pre – Surveillance Assessment phase has already been completed successfully with active involvement of UP SACS.

This is an activity of national Importance towards accelerating halting and reversing of HIV epidemic in India. India is a global first in implementing the survey at such a large scale and after successful implementation of this Survey our country will become Torchbearers for rest of world in implementing such a large scale surveillance program with marginalized and vulnerable population.

All the preparatory activities for the next phase have been completed including selection of Field research agency (FRA) who will implement the field work. In this survey we are using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewer) for the purpose of SFD and Main Survey.

Phases of IBBS

Field Research Agency (FRA) Allocation

SI.No Region Name States Selected FRA
1 AIIMS Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand M/s NIELSEN (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Case Definitions

Group Operational Definition
Female Sex Workers (FSW) Women, aged 15 years or more, who engaged in consensual sex in exchange money/payment of money/payment in kind in the last one month.
Men who have sex with men (MSM) Men, aged 15 years or more, who had anal or oral sex with a male/ hijra partner in the last one month.
Transgender (TG) Person, aged 15 years or more, whose self-identity does not conform unamb- iguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these.
Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) Men, aged 15 years or more, who used any psychotropic (addictive/mind alter- ing) substance or drug for recreational or non-medical reasons, through injections, at least once in the last 3 months.
Male Migrant Men, aged 15-54 years, who do not belong to (is non-native of) the current district (where interview is being done), moved to the current district for the purpose of work, moved to any district other than the current district for purpose of work in the past two years, and return to his place of origin at least once in a year.
Currently Married Women Currently married women aged 15-49 years .

What is a Domains in IBBS

A ‘Domain’ is defined as a geographical unit for which the bio-behavioural estimates will be generated for a specific risk group.

  • Generally, a single district is the basic domain in National IBBS; which are called Independent domains
  • However, if a single district does not have adequate number of HRG to meet the sample size, neighbouring districts are grouped to form a ‘Domain’. These are composite domains
  • Domain name has been given to each domain. In case of independent domains, the name of the district will remain to be the name of the domain.
  • In case of composite domains, the name of the district contributing the largest number of HRG to the domain will be used as the name of the domain

Domain wise List for Uttar Pradesh for IBBS Survey is as below :-

SI.No Typology Name of Domain Type of Domain Domain Size Total No of Districts in Domain
Domain Districts
District-1 District-2 District-3 District-4
Name Size Name Size Name Size Name Size
1 FSW Kanpur Nagar Independent 1161 1
Kanpur Nagar 1161
2 FSW Jhansi Composite 1023 3
Jhansi 523 Jalaun 250 Hamirpur 250
3 FSW Jyotiba Phule Nagar Composite 1044 2
Jyotiba Phule Nagar 603 Bijnor 441
4 FSW Gorakhpur Composite 1335 4
Gorakhpur 482 Deoria 353 Mau 250 Azamgarh 250
5 MSM Lucknow Composite 1591 2
Lucknow 1000 Kanpur Nagar 591
6 MSM Etah Composite 859 2
Etah 445 Agra 414
7 MSM Ghaziabad Composite 898 2
Ghaziabad 600 Aligarh 298
8 MSM Allahabad Independent 900 1
Allahabad 900
8 IDU Kanpur Nagar Independent 1372 1
Kanpur Nagar 1372
9 IDU Kanpur Nagar Independent 1372 1
Kanpur Nagar 1372
10 IDU Jalaun Composite 885 3
Jalaun 466 Hamirpur 219 Mahoba 200
11 IDU Bareilly Composite 737 2
Bareilly 371 Sahajanpur 366
12 IDU Allahabad Composite 1058 2
Allahabad 758 Varanasi 300
13 TG Kannauj Composite 801 2
Kannauj 456 Bareilly 345 0 0
14 MIG GB Nagar Independent 10000 1
GB Nagar 10000
15 CMW Bahraich Independent - 1
16 CMW Basti Independent - 1
17 CMW Jaunpur Independent - 1

IBBS Target Group and Sample Size at a glance

Risk Group No. of Domains Uttar Pradesh Sample size/ domain Total Sample Size (Uttar Pradesh)
Female Sex Workers (FSW) 4 400 1,600
Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) 4 400 1,600
Injecting Drug Users (IDU) 4 400 1,600
Trans-genders (TG) 1 400 400
Male Migrants 1 12,00 12,00
Currently Married Women 3 12,00 36,00
Total 17 - 10,000

Role of UPSACS

  • Overall Facilitation of IBBS implementation in State
    • Targeted Intervention and Other NGOs
    • DAPCU, District Administration and other stakeholders.
    • State and Domain team of Field Research Agency
    • DBS Testing Laboratories.
    • Regional Institutes
    • DAC
  • Facilitation of Community Involvement and Adverse Event Management
  • To monitor the epidemic of HIV infection
  • Monitoring and Supervision