Permanent hoardings
A total of 300 permanent hoardings would be located across 75 Districts of Uttar Pradesh. Continuation of 300 permanent hoarding for 12 months is proposed in all 75 districts with messages related to HIV/AIDS transmission/prevention, Services and Migrants. The hoardings will be located near railway stations, bus stands/terminus, prominent crossings and at district entry points on the highways.

Temporary hoardings
425temporary hoarding is proposed in all 75 districts with 10 each in the 10 major districts and 5 each in the rest of the districts. These hoardings placed at suitable locations during various events, campaigns, festivals having relevant messages on HIV/AIDS.

IEC Vans
Six IEC vans will branded and activated in the 22 migrants districts over a period of 90 days to complement the folk media campaign and the migrants health camp.

Folk Media
With the objective of utilising the locally popular communication tools, the medium of natak, nautanki, qawwali and magic shows will be used to generate awareness on the relevant issues on HIV/AIDS in rural areas. State level folk refresher/review workshop would be organised by UPSACS to orient the folk troupes. Over 3000 folk troupe performances have been planned across 22 migrant’s district through Song and Drama Division accredited Folk Troupes and those have been already trained and selected by UPSACS. These performances will be implemented jointly or independently with the other planned events.

Interpersonal Communication
Intensive Interpersonal Communication (IPC) has been planned in 5 ‘A’ category districts through trained SHGs of Mahila Samakhya. Three day ToTs will be organised at district level for 50 SHG members in each district. The SHG members will follow-up on folk media campaigns for BCC with focus on access to services.

Displays on Govt. / Private Interstate buses
Presently UPSACS is displaying messages on 210 UPSRTC buses. This activity will be continued and upscaled in FY 2013-14. Display panels with messages on HIV/AIDS, STI, Blood Donation etc will be installed on 400 long distance govt. /private buses plying between multiple cities.

Display on Auto Rickshaws
Auto rickshaws enjoy a unique position vis-à-vis brand/message visibility and recall and provide an excellent platform to reach out to general population. Messages on HIV/AIDS, STI and Blood Donation etc will be displayed on auto rickshaw backs. 3000 Auto rickshaws will be covered in priority districts.

Display on City buses
With the dual objective of providing visibility to the cause and dissemination message of HIV/AIDS the high visible medium of city buses will employed wherever available. Various IEC messages will be displayed on 20 govt./private city buses plying inside cities in the priority districts.

Display on Bus shelters/Signages/Unipoles
In order to reach out to the maximum eyeballs of moving population who travel by public transport specific messages on HIV/AIDS, STI and Blood Donation etc will be displayed on 50 bus shelters/signages/unipoles at bus stands/delopts/terminus of UPSRTC.

Display on Railway shelters/Gantry/Timetable/Fare table/CCTV
In continuation of the ongoing IEC activity messages on HIV/AIDS, STI and Blood Donation etc will be displayed Railway shelters/Gantry/Timetable/Fare table/CCTV in selected districts to reach out to the migrant population. Gantry at stations/major crossings in priority Districts and display on 100 time table/fare table for 12 months along with CCTV Display at Lucknow NER Railway Station would be done through empanelled vendors of Railway.