With nearly 86 percent of HIV transmission through unsafe sex in India, the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) has consistently been promoting condom use as a safe sex practice for prevention of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Condom promotion programme, on one hand makes condoms readily available to individuals either for free or at highly subsidized prices by expanding condom distribution networks and on the other hand encourages the consistent use of condoms through education, counselling and advertising. In this direction, condom promotion campaigns both at generic and brand promotion level, have been undertaken in India with varying levels of efforts.

The specific Condom Promotion Objectives are:

  • Increase demand for condoms among high risk, bridge and general population
  • Expanding social marketing programme to saturate coverage in high HIV prevalence and/or high family planning need districts and to increase the demand for condoms
  • Maximize access of free condoms amongst the most vulnerable groups – while minimizing wastage
  • Increase sales in rural areas and expand availability through condom sales through non-traditional outlets (stores not previously selling / that do not usually sell condoms)
  • Increase the accessibility of condoms to make it available within 15 minutes of walking distance from any location

NACO’s Condom Promotion strategy focuses on two aspects - ensuring availability and creating demand for condoms.