Special Events/ observation of National Days
At the State level, some special days like World AIDS Day, Voluntary Blood Donation Day, World Blood Donors’ Day and National Youth Day would be observed. The activities would include Rallies, folk media shows, slogan writing, poster making and quiz competitions for school children/college youth. Quiz competitions, folk performances, information stalls etc. involving institutes and local health departments.The activities would be complemented by similar activities at District level across all 75 Districts of UP.

Social Media event/publicity
In the context of HIV/AIDS, youth is a very vulnerable group which in absence of complete and correct information and their nature of adventure often get into risky behaviour. Hence it is imperative to reach out to this group in focussed manner. There is no better media than the new media. Special social media events will be undertaken to complement onground activities on WAD and NYDusing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. Publicity activity will also be initiated to maximise the reach of messages amongst the target group.

Melas/Mahotsavs/Institutional events
Specific IEC activities, such as street plays, magic shows, A/V shows, will be carried out in the major Melas & Mahotsavs of the state. Other events where IEC interventions may be carried out are the Taj Mahotsav, Ganga Mahotsav, Lucknow Mahotsav etc. Sponsored programs and awareness generation activities will be carried out with professional, technical, management/engineering and other educational Institutions & colleges will be organized.

Hiring of Communication Agency & Communication Consultant
Creative development, media placement, media tracking, technical support for events, new media activities and research studies would be carried out in consultation with IHBP team.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation
The officers of UPSACS will be conducting visits to districts and events/meetings for planning, implementation and monitoring of various activities including RRE. During the RRE UPSACS officers will be undertaking extensive visits of the concerned districts to meet the officials and participate in the DLOCs.

Apart from this, a third party impact assessment/evaluation of IEC activities will be taken up through NACO nominated agencies to assess the impact and reach of the major communication activities.