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Surveillance is defined as “an ongoing, systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data regarding a health related event for use in public health action to reduce morbidity and mortality and to improve health”.

HSS Provides Information about:

  • Levels and Trends in HIV prevalence in different populations & geographic areas
  • Identifies pockets of high prevalence (Hot spots)
  • To monitor the epidemic of HIV infection
  • Provide information on the effectiveness of prevention and control measures
  • HSS data are used for National HIV estimation

Surveillance for the ANC and STD sites was done from 15th Sept to 15th Dec in 2010 whereas it was done from Jan to March 2011 for the HRG Sites. The no. of ANC, STD and HRG Sites is shown in the graph.There were 66 ANC Sites ,28 STD Sites,11 FSW,6 MSM and 5 IDUsites in the year 2010-11. In the year 2012-13 it was decided by NACO and RI (Regional Institute) to discontinue with the STD sites in all the districts. There were 64 ANC sites in the year 2012-13.